Sourcing Aluminum Plate and Sheet Materials

U.S. mills are producing less aluminum plate and sheet material, which can drive up prices and even cause shortages in the market. It is important for customers to weigh in on your preferences and policies with respect to sourcing. Please provide feedback on the following questions. If you would like to receive a copy of the final survey results, please provide your email address at the end of the survey and a PDF document will be sent to you following the final tabulation, in approximately three weeks.

Note: This survey is anonymous and no information about the participants will be collected or shared.

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Which of the following Sources of Origin are acceptable (choose all that apply, select 'other' to add comment)
If you answered 'Domestic Only' in the question above, please select reasons why from the list below (select all that apply; use the write-in space provided to add reason(s) not listed)
In rank order (1 being highest volume) which of the following grades of aluminum plate/sheet to you use?
Which of the following contribute to scrap material (check all that apply)?
When CNC machining aluminum parts, what percentage of the total job time is spent prepping raw materials (squaring, flattening, deburring, cleaning, coordinating heat treating, coatings or other outside processes) prior to finish machining?
When sourcing flat machine-ready blanks, how important is a flatness tolerance of .002" or better?
When sourcing net sized, machine-ready blanks, how important is a dimensional tolerance of +/-.0005"?
What are your biggest challenges when sourcing and prepping aluminum plate/sheet for CNC machining?
If you would like to receive a copy of the results of this survey, please provide your email address in the space provided. Beyond receiving a PDF document of the results, you will not be contacted and your email address will not be shared. Thank you.