The Greater Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is considering an initiative to create a shop local incentive - the Local 365 card. Our goal is to encourage continued support of our local businesses on a year-round basis.  

By offering year-round benefits to cardholders as well as promoting and supporting local businesses, the Local 365 card would be mutually beneficial to consumers and merchants.

The program would include selling and distributing annual discount cards for $25 each. The discounts offered would be managed by individually participating businesses.

Please take this brief survey which will help the Chamber determine if this would be beneficial for our members and what customization may be needed.

Additional comments may be entered at the end of the survey or emailed to Steve Buckley.

* Would your organization be willing to participate in offering discounts and promotions through a Local 365 Card Program?
* Would you, as a consumer, consider purchasing a Local 365 Card to support local businesses and a pre-determined local charity?
The Chamber is considering a price point of $25.00 for the Local 365 Card for 12 months. Do you feel this price is:
If you purchased the Local 365 card as a consumer, how frequently would you be likely to use it?
As a business participant, how often would you anticipate updating your promotions and discounts for the Local 365 Card?
Please add comments below.