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Four of the country’s leading specialty contractor associations – TAUC, NECA, MCAA and SMACNA – are asking for your help in learning more about the experiences of contractors who are required to utilize 3rd party pre-qualification services. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and complete the brief survey below by Friday, November 19, 2021. 


Thanks in advance for your participation.

* Which Association(s) do you belong to (select all that apply)?
* What is the size of your organization?
* Have you worked on a project that required your organization to submit 3rd party pre-qualifications? (i.e., ISNetworld, Avetta, BROWZ, etc.)
* What percentage of your projects (past & present) are you required to use 3rd party pre-qualification services?
* Are you seeing the 3rd party pre-qualification process becoming more prevalent in the construction industry?
* How familiar are you with the 3rd party pre-qualification process?
* Does the pre-qualification process discourage your organization from bidding work for an owner/client?
* If you were asked to bid a project requiring 3rd party services, how would you proceed? (Select all that apply)
* What issues or concerns does the pre-qualification process cause that most affect your organization (Select all that apply)?
* What specific 3rd party pre-qualification service(s) are you using or have used in the past? (Select all that apply)
* How much does your company/company entities spend on annual subscriptions for 3rd party pre-qualification services?
* Estimate the TOTAL financial burden the 3rd party pre-qualification process places on your company/company entities on a yearly basis. (i.e., hiring consultants, dedicated time and resources, additional staffing, etc.) and rate this impact below.
* If your organization is a successful bidder on a project, how does it apply the cost of 3rd party pre-qualification services?
* Is the information asked by 3rd party services always applicable to the scope of work being bid?
* When required, how much value does 3rd party pre-qualification services add? (i.e., return on investment)
* In addition to being asked to submit your safety & health policies and reports (OSHA rates, EMR, etc.). which of the following information have you been asked to provide during the 3rd party pre-qualification process? (Select all that apply)
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