Participant Agreement and Waiver - 2023

Victoria Local Training Sessions and Pinnacle Fitness Training Camps

For my participation in swimming, running, biking, endurance, multi-sport, strength, or any other training sessions, I certify that I am physically fit and sufficiently trained for participation in these services and that I have not been advised against participation by a qualified health professional. In consideration of this agreement, I hereby indemnify, release and forever discharge Pinnacle Fitness Inc. and Mercury Rising Triathlon, and their coaches, from any liability, claims, losses, costs, or expenses, and waive the right to pursue legal action arising directly or indirectly from my participation in the services, including claims or damages resulting from death, personal injury, partial or permanent disability or property damage, medical or economic losses. This agreement shall be binding upon my heirs, assignees, successors and personal representatives. I hereby further state that I currently suffer from no physical or mental condition that would impair my ability to fully participate in this agreement. 

* I hereby agree to all terms and conditions listed above;

COVID-19 Agreement and Waiver

I do not have COVID-19 or any of symptoms of COVID-19. If I develop any symptoms of COVID-19, I agree that I will not attend this training session.

I agree to provide my contact details in order to be contacted in the case of COVID-19 to assist with the contact tracing of the virus.

I agree that if I contract COVID-19 as a result of this training session, I am not entitled to any compensation and release the organizers and volunteers of any liability.

I agree to follow the COVID-19 GUIDANCE FOR ORGANIZED OUTDOOR SPORT - Training Session Specific Practices terms and conditions; and that these terms and conditions can be updated based on local and provincial Health authority orders or other current factors.

I agree to review the COVID-19 Screening Checklist (available online or upon request) before each and every training session. I confirm that my answer to all the questions in Screening Checklist are “NO”. If any answers are “YES”, I confirm that I will not attend the training session.

* I hereby agree to the COVID-19 Agreement and Waiver listed above;
* I hereby affirm that I am eighteen (18) years of age or older. If I am younger than eighteen (18) years of age, a parent or guardian must read this waiver and click below signifying their agreement to these terms and granting permission for me to participate.
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* Last Name:
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* Date (Month/Day/Year)
If under 18 years old, full name of parent or guardian: