OMEGA Federal Credit Union 2023 Survey

* Which branch do you generally visit?
* When you visit a branch or call us was our representative knowledgeable about the services OMEGA offers?
* When you have called OMEGA FCU, were your calls handled properly?
* In general, how satisfied are you with the service you receive at OMEGA Federal Credit Union?
* OMEGA employees are polite and professional
* OMEGA employees are committed to helping me
* How has your level of satisfaction changed over the past 12 months?
* How long have you been a member of OMEGA FCU?
* Have you used our Digital Banking Platform?
If you have used our digital banking platform, how would you rate your satisfaction with our system?
* How satisfied are you with the communication that you receive from OMEGA?
* How likely are you to consider OMEGA FCU for your lending needs?
Please use this space for any additional comments that you may have regarding the quality of service that you receive at OMEGA FCU. Or, take this opportunity to tell us about an employee that provides you with excellent member service
* Give us your email address to enter to win the $250 gift card!