Thank you for completing this short survey helping discern, prioritize, and deepen our call to care for the earth and the poor!

On a scale of 1 to 5 please indicate how essential it is to you that we as a parish community collectively respond to the issues and effects of climate change.
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Very Important

Help us Prioritize!

The following questions ask that you rank the options based on what you feel is most important, most aligned with your interests, and most feasible, with your top rank (#1) representing the highest for these measures.

How should our parish respond to the cry of the earth?
How should our parish more intentionally respond to the cry of the poor and marginalized?
How should our parish care for creation and the poor through our economic practices?
How should our parish seek to be more sustainable?
How should our parish increase efforts to provide education on care for creation?
How should our parish nourish a Franciscan spirituality emphasizing interconnectedness with God's creation?
Community Resilience and Empowerment
What are some ideas we have not thought about?
Would you like to be part of a team to help us implement some of the ideas gathered from this survey?
(If yes to the above question) What is your name and contact info?