CEOs for Racial Equity


We will.

We believe everyone has the right to earn a living with equal access, opportunity, and a share of our regional economic prosperity. As part of our commitment to equality of opportunity, CEOs for Racial Equity stands united to expand quality opportunities and shrink the income gaps that exist in our community. Together we commit to investing in real and meaningful change in our organizations and communities to advance toward equitable prosperity for all our residents.


Chattanooga business leaders and community representatives have a long-held reputation for coming together to solve big problems. However, we know we can and must do more. We will build on Velocity2040, a future vision of our community created by a wide cross-section of our Hamilton County residents. Full inclusivity is one of the plan’s top five goals: now is the time to build upon that foundation.


The vision planning process brought together many people who had never met – a testament to the inclusive nature of the process. Now is the time to accelerate our work and create an environment where more people are engaged in our future.


We are ready for the work ahead. Open and candid conversations must continue if we are to overcome challenges created by centuries of unequal access to opportunity.


Every resident deserves the opportunity to thrive and prosper. As we work together, we commit to achieve broad representative civic engagement. And we recommit to accomplishing bold and positive goals that will help our entire community prosper.


We will keep our promise to lead meaningful change.


We will listen to those affected and marginalized by these barriers to learn how we can help.


We will educate ourselves and share the history of systemic racism in Chattanooga and Hamilton County and the barriers that continue, so that as we recognize them, we can find new ways to overcome them.


We will support, lift, and collaborate with nonprofit agencies serving our marginalized communities.


We will use our influence and position to amplify unheard voices and support policies that lead to racial justice.


We will improve the employment, training, advancement, support, and success of people of color in our workforces.


We will evaluate contracting and procurement efforts with the intention to grow and expand business participation of marginalized businesses of color.


We will continue our work by engaging in CEOs for Racial Equity meetings to address the issues of racism, injustice and bias in our organizations and community.

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