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2022 IIAN Award Nominations

Recognition of outstanding effort and service is an important function of your association. Each year IIAN recognizes the contribution of outstanding individuals. This year's awards will be presented on October 6 in Lincoln, during the 2022 Annual Convention Awards Dinner. By submitting a nomination, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card!

* Do you think it's important to recognize the achievements of IIAN members? If you answer "yes" - send your nomination(s) today! If "no" - please check "Other" and tell us why.

Please complete the fields below to nominate deserving individuals no later than September 1, 2022. Your explanation for nominating the individual must be included to be considered, based on the award criteria.

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Outstanding Young Agent of the Year

Awarded to a living agent, 45 years of age or younger, this award recognizes the young agent who has demonstrated dedication to his/her profession by:

  • Involvement in national, state, or local associations activities
  • Personal efforts to further him/herself as an insurance professional
  • Skills in selling insurance
  • Involvement in community activities
  • Customer service skills
* Nominee's Name and Agency
* Below please explain your nominee's qualifications which can be but are not limited to Involvement, Personal Efforts, Skills, Community, and/or Customer Service:

Company Representative of the Year

Awarded to a living individual currently working in Nebraska who has done the most to promote the Big "I", foster better company-agent relations, produce new business, and/or help agents to give their clients superior service. Open to all management, marketing, and underwriting personnel.

* Nominee's Name and Company
* Below please explain your nominee's qualifications which can be but are not limited to Promotion of the Big "I", Relationships, New Business Production, Customer Service, Knowledge, and/or Trustworthiness:

Five Star Company of the Year

Awarded to an insurance company that has been of exceptional support to our members.

We want YOU to have a voice in telling us how your agency has benefited from your top carriers. Your input below will help us choose an outstanding candidate for this year's award.

Please nominate at least TWO carriers. All carriers must be an IIAN Industry Partner.

* Carrier A
* Carrier B
Carrier C
Carrier D

Corresponding to the above, please select the insurance company you consider to be the best for each category.

* Technology: Overall ease of use / up and down load capabilities / user friendly / training and support.
* Personnel: Underwriting knowledge / service standards / “partnership” philosophy / marketing rep technical knowledge /dispute resolution
* Policy Issuance: Quality and timeliness of new business / renewals / endorsements
* Products/Markets: Consistency and stability / speed to market/ new product training / responsiveness to recommendations
* Claims: Product knowledge / professional service / prompt, accurate, fair contact with consumer / communication with agent
* Agency Support: Provides new producer funding / agency start-up funding / Automation, technical, and/or sales training
* Extraordinary Factors: Community involvement / charity work / national or local lobbying efforts on behalf of industry
* The Bottom Line: Overall relationship.
* Please nominate YOUR choice for 2022 Five Star Company of the Year.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate.

You're entered in the drawing to win a $100 gift card!