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THANK YOU for taking our QUICK anonymous Skincare Survey. Your input is so important to understanding perspectives on training and resources in skin of color education programs for estheticians.

DISCLAIMER: This survey is intended for licensed estheticians. The following questions will be used for general research purposes. For those who express interest in being part of our more extensive survey, your email address is sent along with your answers to this survey. However, your specific responses will not be connected to you in any way whatsoever. After survey results are compiled and aggregated, your email address will be deleted from any records. Your individual responses will not be given to any third party whatsoever.  In addition, you will not be added to any mailing lists as a result of taking this survey. Proceeding to the survey implies that you understand and agree to provisions in this disclaimer.


* 1. During your course of study, how often did/do lessons or exams specifically cover skin of color issues and treatments?
* 2. How satisfied are you with your level of training in treating skin of color?
* 3. How much do you AGREE or DISAGREE with the following statement? "Esthetician schools/programs should incorporate a curriculum that includes and/or expands topics specifically related to conditions and treatments for skin of color."
* 4. How much do you AGREE or DISAGREE with this statement? "Standard esthetician textbooks should include more science-based content and visual aids specific to conditions and treatments for skin of color."
* 5. Which of the skincare topic/s below would you be most interested in learning more about as it pertains to treating skin of color? NOTE: IF MORE THAN ONE TOPIC, INCLUDE THEM IN THE OTHER SECTION
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