St. Timothy's

Episcopal Church

Parish Survey

Fall 2022

Six Questions Below

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1. What's great?

What would you tell someone who is not at St. Timothy's what's great about St. Timothy's?

2. What events are you interested in for fellowship?

What fellowship opportunities sound compelling to you? And what fellowship opportunities would you like to see that aren’t currently in place?

3. What topics are you interested in for adult education / formation?

What topics would you be interested in and willingly participate in by attending adult education, spiritual formation, bible study, book group, etc?

4. What else needs a refresh?

with 2+ challenging years behind us, what else do you think needs refreshing and how are you willing to help with that refresh?

5. What music do you love in worship?

What songs are your favorite to sing in church? Please limit to a top five list.

6. How can we nurture our children?

(for our children up to 18 in the home)

It’s been a rough couple of years for all us. Families have faced unique challenges. How can St. Timothy‘s bless your kids’ lives in a meaningful way and how would you be willing to participate in that nurture?