Practice Management Analysis Questionnaire

ExecTech's Practice Management Analysis (PMA) is designed to give you useful insight into your practice. The 20 minutes that it takes to fill it out is an excellent investment of your time. When you're finished answering the questions below, click the "I'm Finished" button at the bottom of the page.

One of our consultants will contact you to schedule a time to review the PMA findings by phone or by Zoom, and make recommendations based on your answers. 

If you have a question about the PMA, give our Senior Consultant, Mike Graves a call. He talks to practice owners about their practices all the time and would be happy to answer your questions. His number is (800) 340-6737 ext 2.


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1. Do you work on your practice marketing each week?
2. Do your patients wait more than ten minutes for their care?
3. Do you take at least six weeks of vacation time each year?
4. Does the local economy have an impact on your practice?
5. Is your team motivated and committed?
6. Do you take your practice so seriously that it is no longer enjoyable?
7. Do you complete your paperwork on time?
8. Is it difficult for you to ask patients or other professionals for referrals?
9. Do problems in your practice keep you up at night?
10. Are your staff members assigned individual statistics to track their productivity?
11. Do you safely and smoothly dismiss the patients who cause you too much stress?
12. Do you have written goals for your practice?
13. When you meet strangers who need your services, do they usually become new patients?
14. Do you have mood swings when working?
15. Do employees take too long to follow your orders?
16. Do most of your patients follow your recommendations?
17. Do you find yourself solving problems that your staff should be solving?
18. Can you easily raise the number of new patients you see each week?
19. Are too many patients disappearing or falling through the cracks?
20. Do you have a staff bonus system that motivates your team and increases your profit?
21. Are you happy with your career choice?
22. Do you truly dislike fee discussions with patients?
23. Do you walk on eggshells around certain types of staff members?
24. Are your rewards adequate for the work you do?
25. Do you have slow days that are difficult to change into busy days?
26. Do you ever wish you could make everything just stop?
27. Are you uncertain how productive your staff members should be?
28. Do you save enough money each year to reach your retirement goals?
29. Are you so nice that people take advantage of you?
30. Do your staff members make you furious at times?
31. Do you work long hours, but are still not getting ahead?
32. Do your staff collect at least 95% of the patient's cash portions?
33. Do you feel trapped by your practice?
34. Do you track the results of your marketing efforts?
35. Has your practice reached a plateau and is now stuck?
36. Do your staff members generate new patients on a regular basis?
37. Is it difficult for you to correct staff members?
38. Are you frustrated because you are not accomplishing more?
39. Does your website generate new patients each week?
40. Do you wonder if certain ex-patients left because of something you said or did?
41. Is it hard for you to find new staff members or associates who meet your qualifications?
42. Does the possibility of losing patients make you agree to lower fees?
43. Are you increasing your net worth each month?
44. Are there aspects of your practice with which you avoid dealing?
45. Do you have a system that prevents most missed appointments?
46. Do you settle for poor performance by staff members because it is difficult to replace them?
47. Has your practice been damaged by people you trusted?
48. Do you wish your staff would show you a little more respect?
49. Are your patients more loyal to their health plans than to you?
50. Do you have a large, positive presence on the internet?
51. Do you track your overhead costs?
52. Does your staff feel you are too soft with patient collections?
53. Can you handle disagreeable, unwilling or defiant employees?
54. Do you charge and collect higher fees than your colleagues?
55. Are most of your employees willing to accept more responsibility without more pay?
56. Do you evaluate the profit of each income source on a regular basis?
57. Are you on top of your legal matters, i.e., OSHA, HIPAA, malpractice and labor law?
58. Are you continuously accomplishing short- and long-term goals in your practice?
59. Is your office managing each plan to ensure you collect the maximum allowable fees?
60. Do you manage your time efficiently?
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