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Please help us navigate our next steps!

What would you like to see from the List in 2023?

* First, fill us in, as this survey is anonymous: Are you currently a member?
* What is YOUR primary focus?
* Why did you initially get involved with the List? (check all that apply)
* How do you think we're doing overall?
Not worth it
Awesome work
* Where should we be offering more (assuming that's possible)?
Elaborate here if you wish

This next question is about the main types of jobs we bring to our members and visitors through the Pro Board and Open Calls board. Please bear in mind that some types of jobs are rarely, if ever, cast through a website like this, e.g. session work, concert solos, etc. Those are usually handled in other ways, and cannot be a primary focus for our website. But please feel free to make suggestions.

* Where should our biggest focus be in terms of finding opportunities for POSTING to our members?
Something else? Please specify
* Here's a list of our activities around networking, promotion, advocacy and professional development. Please rank these according to importance to you -- #1 would be the most important.
* Are we communicating enough, too much or too little?
Not enough emails & posts
Too many emails & posts
Members: Do you plan to renew?
Not likely
Non-members: What would cause you to join the List at some level?

For the record, we fully expect that many members will come and go, based on current needs. We will not be haranguing you to stay with us forever, and there are many ways to get involved with the List.

* If we could only focus on ONE new thing next year, what would you like to see?
* Here's the same list. Which of these hold any interest for you? (Check as many as you wish.)
* Elaborate and share here: what project(s) do you have on your mind? (If you'd like to help or get credit for the idea, please contact us at
* What websites, enews or services do you use in addition to the List to find jobs, events or other resources?
Is there something else we should have asked? What would you like to share?