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* What was your overall experience like at the fair?
* What was a highlight of your day?
* • To justify receiving this Tourism Grant, we are asked to show that people came in for the fair from out of town. What town and State did you come from?
* Did you stay overnight at a hotel?
* Did you attend any free workshops?
If you attended a workshop, what was your experience? Check the shiftnewyork.com website to remind yourself of the teacher and the Title of the Workshop. All comments are very helpful. Space below limits you to 500 characters
Please comment on any healing sessions or psychic reading sessions you had & how meaningful/effective it was to you. Any feedback is appreciated.
* How easy it was to get oriented to where workshops, vendors, readers & healers were?,
Very clear
Please tell us about Vendors you loved, shopping you did. . .
* How did you find out about the fair? Its good to know where our advertising money is effectively reaching the most people . . . Facebook event or post? the Daily Star? A newspaper paid ad? OM Times Magazine on line, Email from SHIFT NY (Diana's) mailing list? Sweet Home Oneonta Calendar listing ? Digital Bulletin Board on I-88 or on Route 23? On-Line Festival Website Listing? From one of the vendors? A friend shared it with me? A Facebook Group?
* How were the volunteers for this fair?
Helpful and enthusiastic!
Do you have any suggestions for next year? Speakers, topics, improvements?
Anything else you want to share with us?