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What do you look for when choosing a financial institution for your public entity? Please prioritize from 1 (most important) to 7 (least important).
What resources do you use for gathering information on financial decisions (such as rate comparisons, investment opportunities, funding options)? Please select ‘Other’ to share additional detail on where and how often you gather information.
Would you be interested in receiving Prospect Bank’s weekly MuniWise rate sheet emailed directly to you? If yes, please also select ‘Other’ and provide email address below.
Do you invest funds with other organizations? If so, please select ‘Other’ to share where funds are invested.
What types of investment and/or deposit services does your entity use currently or plan to use in the future?
Does your entity take advantage of Prospect Bank’s MuniWise suite of products?
What is your entity’s typical process when borrowing funds?
How frequently does your organization have borrowing needs?
Do you anticipate any borrowing needs within the next 24 months? If so, please explain.

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