We need to tell the Mayor what we deserve as hard-working employees that

have consistently delivered quality services to the people of New York City.


DC37’s contract expired May 25, 2021. They are presently in negotiations and the wages, once ratified by their members, will be set for all City workers who are under the Citywide agreement which includes CWA Local 1180. We have asked the following questions below from feedback we get at site meetings talking to our members. 

* 1. Should we keep the Paid Family Leave?
* 2. Should we demand more steps in the Administrative Manager Level I stepping chart?
* 3. Should we demand a dollar increase to the annuity?
* 4. Should we demand that Assistant Coordinating Managers promoting to Coordinating Manager keep their experience differential?
* 5. Should we demand a substantial increase in the Welfare Fund?
* 6. Should we demand hazard pay for all essential workers?
6a. What do you consider an essential worker?


* 1. Should we demand that all agencies who employ titles covered by this contract provide accurate job classification details when a claim of out‐of‐title work is presented?


* 1. Should we demand travel hardship?
* 1a. Should involuntary reassignment be strictly on seniority basis?
* 2. Should we demand that all duties belonging to titles in the bargaining unit be performed exclusively by members of the bargaining unit?

Local 1180 has the right to raise issues of hours and working conditions ONLY if they are unique to members at our unit negotiations. Under the New York City Collective Bargaining Law, the union with the most workers negotiates on issues of hours and working conditions for all civilian employees under the Career and Salary Plan. Therefore, while we participate in the bargaining process and can raise demands, we cannot negotiate on citywide demands as  District Council 37 holds the bargaining certificate. However, if we have issues of concern, we can initiate action to make the demands at citywide bargaining as we have done successfully in the past. In order for Local 1180 to negotiate directly for our members on these issues, there has to be changes in the City Charter.

NOTE: We DO negotiate on hours and working conditions at the Housing Authority, Transit Authority, School Construction Authority, and the NYC Department of Education.

* What agency do you work for?


* 1. Are the procedures for transfers in place at your agency acceptable?
1a. If no, how should they be improved?
* 2. Should seniority be the only factor in determining who gets first choice?
2a. If no, what other factors should determine first choice?


* 1. Should we demand a telework policy?
1a. If yes, what do you think should be the criteria?
* 2. Should there be an “epidemic/pandemic” leave policy for essential employees to address state-of-emergency conditions?
* 3. Are there any changes in work hours you would like to see?
3a. If yes, what are some of those changes?
* 4. Do health and safety issues need to be addressed?
4a. If yes, what issues would you like to see addressed?
* 5. Are there issues involving workload or scope of work that need to be addressed?
5a. If yes, what issues would you like to see addressed?


In the real world of collective bargaining, some things can be resolved more easily than others. What’s important is that we take care of the priority business first.

* 1. List three items, in order of priority, where the Bargaining Committee should concentrate their efforts.
* 2. What other demands that we have not covered should be considered?


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