Calvert County Age Friendly Community Survey

The Calvert County Commission on Aging is looking for additional ways to make Calvert County even more age-friendly. With this objective in mind, we ask for your feedback to help guide our efforts. This anonymous survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. We thank you for your time!

Are you a Calvert County resident?
What is your 5-digit ZIP code?
How long have you lived at your present location:
How would you rate your current community as a place for people to live as they age?
Thinking about your future years, are you more likely to:

Some people find they need or want to move out of their home as they get older. If you were to consider moving out of your current residence, please rate the following reasons:

Want a smaller home
Want a larger home
Cost and/or availability of maintenance
Want a home that will help you live independently as you age, for example, a home without stairs

Some people find they need or want to move out of their community as they get older. If you were to consider moving out of your current community, please rate the following reasons:

Personal safety or security concerns
Desire for better health care facilities
Desire to be closer to family
Need more access to public transportation
Wanting to live in a different climate
Wanting to live in an area that has a lower cost of living
Wanting to live in an area with better opportunities for social interaction
Which of the following types of homes best describes where you currently live?
Do you rent or own your primary home or have another arrangement?
How important is it for you to live independently as you age?
Does your current residence need any major repairs, modifications or changes to enable you to stay there for as long as possible?

Homes, Public Buildings and Spaces

How would you rate your community on the following?

Sidewalks in good condition and safe for pedestrians, wheelchairs or other assistive mobility devices
Well-lit, accessible, safe roads and intersections for all
Separate pathways for bicyclists and pedestrians
Well-maintained roads and easy to read traffic signs
Enforced speed limits

How would you rate your community on the following?

Homes and properties
Affordable housing options of varying income levels
Homes built with a no-step entrance, wider doorways and first floor bedrooms and bathrooms
Well-maintained, safe low-income housing
Well-maintained and safe parks
Benches for resting in public areas
Conveniently located emergency care centers
Neighborhood watch programs
Adequate parking, including for people with disabilities


How do you usually get around your community for things like shopping, visiting the doctor, running errands or other things? (Check all that apply)

How would you rate your community on the following?

Accessible and convenient public transportation
Affordable public transportation
Well-maintained public transportation vehicles
Timely public transportation
Safe public transportation
Stops or areas that are accessible to people of varying physical abilities
Special transportation services for people with disabilities and older adults
Reliability of transport services you have (on-schedule, appointments kept by transportation service)

Health and Wellness

How would you rate your community on the following?

Home health care providers
Affordability of home health care providers
Variety of health care professionals including specialists
Health care professionals who speak different languages
Respectful and helpful hospital and clinic staff
Well-maintained hospital and health care facilities

How would you rate your community on the following?

Affordable health and wellness classes (nutrition, weight control, smoking cessation, diabetes prevention, etc.)
Affordable fitness activities and programs geared to older adults
Conveniently located health and social services
A service to help seniors access health and support services
Affordable home care services including personal care and housekeeping
User-friendly answering service for local hospital/clinic


What is your gender?
What is your age?
What is your current marital status?
Besides you, do you have any of the following people living in your household? (Check all that apply)
In general, how would you rate your health?
Does any disability, handicap or chronic disease keep you or your spouse or partner from participating fully in work, school, housework or other activities?
Are you currently a family caregiver (preparing meals, doing chores, shopping, providing transportation, managing finances, etc.) providing unpaid care to an adult loved one to help them take care of themselves?
What is the highest level of education you have completed?
Are you a veteran or spouse of a veteran?
Which would best describe your race?
What is your annual household income?

Thank you for completing the survey! 

Your time and assistance is greatly appreciated.

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