Thank you for your interest in nominating a retailer or key business partner in the Minnesota's Retail Champion recognition program!

The Minnesota Retailers Association is accepting nominations now for 2024-2025. To nominate an organization or individual please fill out the form below. A nominee may be entered in more than one category--please mark all that apply. If you have questions on the process please call us at (651) 227-6631 or e-mail [email protected].

Following a review of nominations by an independent group, winners will be recognized in October 10, 2024 at Retail Rally!

Nominations are due April 15, 2024.

1. Your name, organization, e-mail and phone number.
* 2. The name and contact information of the organizaition or person being nominated as a Minnesota Retail Champion.
* 3. Category(s) for the nomination. You may select more than one category. Please support each category selected in your supporting narrative.
4. Please provide a narrative supporting this nomination for each category selected. Your narrative is important to those evaluating nominations. If you need additional space please utilize the next question.
5. Please provide any additional information you feel is important in evaluating this nomination.
6. Supporting documents, images, etc. can be e-mailed to [email protected] (but are not required). Please mark "yes" below if you are e-mailing additional information so we may track its arrival.