Non-Profit Sector Review Committee - Resident Survey

The Non-Profit Sector Review Committee recognizes the importance of volunteerism within the Township of Brock. The community is fortunate to have so many hardworking and dedicated volunteers committed to providing services and special events in the community. Events like Brock’s Big Bite, The Haunted Trail and the Sunderland Maple Syrup Festival would not be possible without the dedicated volunteers who plan and organize all the details of these events. Similarly many programs and improvement projects in the community are completed by volunteer organizations.

In the Spring of 2021, the NPSRC surveyed non-profit organizations in Brock to gather feedback on how the Township can better support these organizations. One of the most common trends across the surveys was lack of or declining members and volunteers. The committee is now seeking feedback from residents with regards to volunteerism.

* Please select your age category:
* Please select how many children you have:
Please select the age category for your children:
* Please select your total household income:
* How many years have you lived in Brock?
* Which community in Brock do you reside in?
* Are you currently employed/self-employed?
* If you are employed, are you employed within Brock?
* How long is your average commute?
* What is the schedule of your average work day?
* Do you know people in your community who volunteer?
* Do you have a positive or negative view of volunteering?

For the purposes of the next few questions, please review the definitions below before answering the questions, to ensure accurate answers are provided.

Member: An active participant or member, not classified as a volunteer.

Volunteer: A person who actively assists in a volunteer role with the organization (i.e - Volunteer role on executive, volunteer maintenance role etc.)

* Do you currently belong as an active member to a non-profit organization
* How many non-profit organizations do you belong to either as a volunteer or a member?
* How long have you been a volunteer with your non-profit organization(s)?
Are the non-profit organizations you belong to either as a volunteer or a member within Brock?
* How many hours per month on average do you dedicate to your volunteer role?
* Are your volunteer hours regular each month?
* What led you to volunteer?

If you do not currently volunteer:

Do you believe there is a need for people to volunteer within the community?
Have you thought about volunteering?
Could you please explain what currently holds you back from becoming a volunteer?
Have you been in a situation that discouraged you from becoming a volunteer?
If you're not currently a volunteer, what might attract you to become a volunteer? (Incentives, recognition, discount on registration etc.)
If you were to become a volunteer, how many hours a month do you imagine would you be able to be involved?
If you were to become a volunteer, what sort of organizations would you be interested in volunteering with?
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us with respect to volunteerism in Brock?