Plymouth Survey Fall 2023

The Deacons since June have been leading conversations to get clearer about our collective values. This survey is another avenue to seek your wisdom and ideas for how we can best live into our mission and purposes. Our hope/plan is that these efforts to clarify and articulate its values will inform the process of formulating our 2024 budget.


The creation of the actual budget is the work of the Lead Minister, Plymouth’s Director of Operations, and the Board of Finance and Administration (BoFA). That budget gets presented to the Deacons who look at its alignment with our values, and then we present a budget for a vote at a Congregational meeting (this year in January 2024). 


We thank you for your participation in this work of community and of community building. Be assured that we will be sharing with you the results of this survey, for further conversation. However, your individual results will be anonymous.


The Deacons: Sue Astin, Annette Atkins (Clerk), John Cairns, Peter Eichten (Moderator), Sarah Lehman, Jay Matre, Mike McCallister (Treasurer), Lynn Moline

Q1. Please select your age
Q2. What best describes your relationship with Plymouth?
Q3. How long have you been a part of Plymouth?
Q4. Do you have young people who are involved at Plymouth?
Q5. How often do you typically attend worship (in person or online)?
Q6. Approximately what percent of time do you worship in person?
Q7. Which Sunday service do you usually attend or watch?
Q8a. To what extent do you agree with the following statement? I participate routinely in church activities, programs, groups, boards, committees, task forces, etc., at Plymouth (other than worship services).
Q8b. To what extent do you agree with the following statement? I feel strongly connected to Plymouth Congregational Church
Q9a. Using the scale below, please indicate how you feel about the following statement: I anticipate that my connection to Plymouth in the future will…
Q9b. In a sentence or two, please explain why you answered as you did in Q9a about your future with Plymouth.

Plymouth’s Values

The next 2 questions include a list of values that we honor at Plymouth. We want to know both YOUR own values (Q10a) and then your perception of PLYMOUTH’S values (Q10b).

10a. Please rank what’s important to YOU currently. (“1” most important, “2” next, etc.).
10b. Please rank what you perceive to be important to PLYMOUTH currently. (“1” most important, “2” next, etc.).

Plymouth’s Priorities

Similarly, the next 2 questions include categories of activities that Plymouth engages in to fulfill our mission and purposes. We want to know which activities are important to YOU (Q11a) and which activities you perceive to be important to PLYMOUTH (Q11b).

Q11a. Which three are the most important to YOU at Plymouth in the coming year?
Q11b. Which three do you perceive to be most important to PLYMOUTH in the coming year?
Comments/questions – something else you’d like us to know?

Thank you for your thoughtful participation in this survey!


Results will be shared with the congregation.

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