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The Watercolor Society of Oregon (WSO) is run entirely by volunteer artist members. We are one of the few arts organizations that continue to offer 2 conventions annually, providing educational opportunities, fellowship, and the opportunity to grow and learn in your artistic journey.

We're all still recovering from nearly 4 years in a "pandemic state". We've lost members, which equates to fewer volunteers. The question is, do we want to continue to grow along with the Watercolor industry, or are we satisfied where we are? Does WSO meet our needs as artists? Is WSO the organization you want it to be? How would you change it? Do we have the volunteers necessary to commit to continuing to offer 2 conventions per year?

This survey has 3 sections. None of the responses are required except the SUBMIT button at the end of the survey. If you do not submit, none of your responses can be tallied.

Section 1 will provide you the opportunity to give your input regarding the direction of our organization. Section 2 lists the current volunteer needs both WSO and the WSO 100 Club are experiencing. Section 3 asks first what your interests are, and then asks you to identify your skills and experience in those same areas.

  1. What do we want our organization to look like, and do for us?
  2. What are WSO's most pressing volunteer needs?
  3. What are your interests and/or skills?

As the old saying goes, many hands make quick work.

SECTION I - What I love about WSO; how I would like to see change:

SECTION 2 - Help Wanted!!

2024 team opportunities (OPEN NOW) on the Boards of both WSO and WSO 100 Club: Education Director, Membership Director, Website Assistants, Watermark Assistants and Co-editors, Convention Chairs, Convention Registration Assistant, Treasurer Assistant, Marketing Team, Fundraising Team, Convention Photographers, Membership Assistant, Hospitality Convention Team

WSO's needs beginning Fall 2024 are: WSO Vice President, Administrative Director, Membership Director, Watermark Editor, Hospitality Team Lead, Convention Vendor chair

WSO 100's needs beginning Fall 2024 are: WSO 100 Vice President, Grants chair, Communication chair, Planned Giving chair

Please check any about which you'd like more information:


this section provides expanded examples of WSO/WSO 100 Club activities; see below to indicate interest/skill

  • Conventions - help with or organize a convention. It's not necessary for it to be in your community
  • Awards, certificates, merit program - including Signature Membership
  • Fundraising for Awards and/or Education - create campaigns, promotion and support
  • Exhibitions - entries, member communications
  • On-line event registration - work with database
  • Administration - record minutes (i.e. board Secretary), maintain org records, update Handbook
  • Finance & Accounting - prepare and/or oversee financial records, reports, budgets
  • Membership - maintain membership records; receive & track dues; New Member & Mentor Programs
  • Watermark team - publication, layout, proofreading, design or advertising
  • Hospitality - convention material coordination
  • Communications - member emails, social media
  • Audio-Visual - assist at conventions, workshops, video collaboration
  • WSO Logo merchandise - stock, sales
  • Video Library - maintain physical library, promote its use
  • Publicity/Marketing - promote organization, events and activities
  • Education - critique groups, workshops, WFWS
  • Grant writing
My Interests include...

What SKILLS/EXPERIENCE do you have?  

My SKILLS and/or EXPERIENCE include...

Not everyone can commit every week; however, some can volunteer sporadically or occasionally, for small isolated jobs, etc.

Where would you classify your availability?

Thank you for taking the time to let us know! Is there anything else you would like to add?

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