Alaant Hiring Index Survey

Spring 2021

Measuring the Albany, NY - Capital Region Job Market for

Both High-Tech and Traditional Companies

* 1) Number of employees?
* 2) To date in 2021, as compared to 2020, hiring has:
3) If hiring has increased this year, by how much?
4) If hiring has decreased this year, by how much?
* 5) For the rest of 2021, I expect hiring to:
* 6) For 2021, my expectations for job growth can best be described as:
* 7) Over the next six months, I expect hiring to be:
8) The biggest challenge affecting my ability to hire is:
* 9) I am most successfully recruiting employees from:
* 10) Are you actively considering remote employees to fill job openings?
11) The field showing the fastest-growing number of job opportunities is:
* 12) Is a significant portion of your staff (>50%) currently telecommuting as a result of the pandemic?
13) If yes, how has productivity been affected?
14) Has your organization returned to a regular in-office schedule?
15) If not, when do you expect to?
16) What is the most important factor in deciding to bring employees back to the office?
*** Please provide your name and contact information if you wish to be entered in our drawing for a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card or a $100.00 donation to a charity of your choice.