Starbuck Child Care Needs Assessment

The RM of Macdonald is interested in assessing the needs for child care in Starbuck and the surrounding area. A key part of this process involves gathering information from parents and legal guardians regarding their experiences with child care issues and priorities. 

This survey is for parents/guardians and caregivers between the ages of 0 – 12 years. If you are currently accessing child care, or have had difficulty accessing child care, or plan to access child care in the future – we would like to hear from you. This survey must be completed by one member per family only.

Participating in this survey is entirely voluntary. If you are uncomfortable with a question, you may choose not to answer and you may end the survey at any time.

Any personal information provided will be treated confidentially and will only be used for the purpose of this assessment. Your personal information will not be released without your permission.

Please submit by March 15, 2024.

Section A: Introduction Questions

1) Are you a parent or guardian with children ages 0 to 12 residing at home?
2) What community do you live in?
3) How many children living with you are under 3 years old?
4) How many children living with you are from 3 to 5 years, not in kindergarten?
5) How many children living with you are from kindergarten age to 12 years old?
6) What is your relationship to these children? Check all that apply.
7) What is your work situation?

Section B: Your Children's current Child Care arrangements

Please tell us about the current care arrangements for your child/children aged 0 to 12 living in your home.

1) What is the primary care arrangement for this child (excluding school)?
2) Is the Child currently on a waitlist for licensed/unlicensed child care?
3) How long has this child been on a waitlist?
4) In an average week, how many hours does this child spend in their primary child care arrangement?
5) What community is the current primary child care arrangement?
6) Why did you choose this arrangement? Check all that apply
7) What best describes your child care need for your children not yet in kindergarten?
8) Which shift do you require child care? (Option to select more than one if centre provides more shift options)
9) How many children in your home 18 months to 2 years old require child care?
10) How many children in your home 2 to 6 years old require child care?
11) How many children in your home 7 to 12 years old require child care?
12) When do you require child care?
12) Would you enroll your child/children in a Before & After School Program if it was available?
If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please indicate how many children?