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Take this survey to get a grasp of where you are right now in various areas of your life

This survey will remain anonymous but we highly suggest that you keep track of your own answers as well to have something to compare your results to at a later point.

Rate yourself 1-10 in the following components:

1 being "I need some serious work and improvement on this"

10 being "I have an excellent grasp on this!

* 1. Physical wellbeing – balanced exercise, yoga (stretching), strength, cardio
* 2. Mental wellbeing – satisfied, optimistic, capable, purposeful, happy
* 3. Social wellbeing – family, relationships, groups, community, belonging
* 4. Emotional wellbeing – calm, even keeled, inner contentment
* 5. Intellectual wellbeing – continuous learning, curiosity, purposeful reading/ writing
* 6. Awareness of the present – attention, focus, mindfulness
* 7. Giving/Helping others – kindness, actions, time
* 8. Daily routines/practices – positive activities, de-stressing habits
* 9. Nutrition – balanced diet, meal planning, accountability
* 10. Spirituality – beliefs in universal goodness and/or something greater than self

The idea here is to get a sense of where you are with so many areas of your life that can have a positive impact on your well-being. Keep it simple, look for strengths and use them to help with new activities and actions. Join with others!

Suggestions to improve your numbers:

1.     Physical wellbeing: Weekly exercise plan, some with others

2.     Mental wellbeing: Take time for yourself, seek calmness in the midst of stress

3.     Social wellbeing: Daily reach-outs, join with others around an activity you enjoy

4.     Emotional wellbeing:Talk to someone you respect and who is there for you, meditate, pray, laugh

5.     Intellectual wellbeing: Join a learning group (book club, parent club, etc.), read, podcasts

6.     Awareness of the present: Meditate, keep bring your focus back to what you’re doing, your breathing

7.     Giving/Helping others: Be kind and make it an action when you can

8.     Daily routines/Practices: Morning rituals, routines set you up for the day – physical, mental, spiritual

9.     Nutrition: Plan your meals, keep at it, commit with others

10. Spirituality: Your spirit needs all of the above, seek it, feed it, share it

Stay connected, join us or others. Start making a schedule to your success!