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MATSE Qualifying Exam Committee Evaluation

* Student Name
* Date
* Student's Reserch Topic
* Committee Chair
* Committee Members
* Qualifying Exam Decision
In the case of failure, will the committee allow the student to retake the qualifying exam? (Only one retake is allowed.)
* Technical Writing (10%)
* Content (15%) (Background/Literature Review)
* Content (50%) (Mastery of Subject Domain, e.g., Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science)
* Content (15%) (Hypothesis/Objective and Proposed Research Program)
* Oral Presentation Skills (10%)
  • A candidate who scores 60 or better in every category will pass.
  • A candidate who achieves an overall score of 60 (obtained using the percentage for each category) but has any individual between 40–59 may receive a provisional pass at the discretion of the committee. Provisions may include additional coursework or further development of the proposal with or without another oral defense. The spirit of a provisional pass is to allow a student to address only a limited number of weaknesses. No committee is required to offer a provisional pass should such a decision be in conflict with the best interests of the student or Graduate Program.
  • A candidate whose overall score is below 60 will fail the exam.


* English Competency Decision
* Use of Written English
* Use of Spoken English
* A score of at least 60 in each category will constitute a passing score for English language competency.

Scores between 40–59 may be addressed with provisions that include completion of coursework on speaking and/or writing, completion of an additional writing assignment, or a future satisfactory oral presentation with time for questions and answers. This coursework could include but is not limited to ESL 114G (American Oral English for Academic Purposes), ESL 116G (Composition for Academic Disciplines), CAS 100 (Effective Speech), or ENGL 418 (Advanced Technical Writing and Editing).

* English Oral Provision
Exam Summary