* Please rate your overall experience of the trade show.
* How would you rate the location of the trade show in San Diego?
* How would you rate the Midway Pre-Show Event?
* How would you rate the BIS After Party at The Shout! House?
* Did you find the show pricing to be reasonable?
* Did you feel that the trade show provided adequate networking/entertainment options?
* How would you rate the quality of the speakers at the trade show?
* How would you rate Meet the Builder at the trade show?
* Were there any specific speakers or sessions that stood out to you?
* Did you find the trade show to be informative and educational?
* Would you recommend this trade show to others in the building industry?
* If you could choose the next location of next show where would like it to be?
* What did you like most about the trade show?
* Please share any additional comments or suggestions you may have to improve future editions of the trade show.
* Are you a BIA Member?
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