The Fillmore County Planning Commission is preparing a new Comprehensive Plan and review/update of the current County Zoning Regulations for Rural Fillmore County, Nebraska, to determine land development and preservation needs and public infrastructure/facilities/utilities improvements.


As a resident of Fillmore County, your opinion is very important in the preparation of a Comprehensive Plan that fits the needs and desires of Fillmore County residents. Complete this Survey by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28TH. Thank You for Your Participation!

Where do you live?
2. If you live in Rural Fillmore County, do you live within one mile of a City/Village?
If Yes to Question #2, Please identify the closest Community.
3. Do you own property in Rural Fillmore County?
4. Do you feel the current Fillmore County Zoning & Subdivision Regulations are effective in managing growth and land development?
Please explain why or why not.

5.Which of the following Land Use items do you support for the future of Rural Fillmore County?

(1 = No Opinion  2 = Not Supportive  3 = Supportive  4 = Very Supportive).

General Agricultural Uses
Land Conservation Easements
Intensive Agricultural Uses
Residential Development (General)
Planned Rural Residential Subdivisions
Public Infrastructure/Facilities/Utilities
Commercial Development
Industrial Development
Schools/Educational Facilities.
Zoning/Subdivision Ordinances/Regulations
Transportation Systems (Roads, Rail, Air, etc.)
Personal Alternative Energy Systems (Solar, Wind, etc.)
Commercial Alternative Energy Systems (Solar Farms, Wind Farms, etc.)
Other (Please Identify)
6. Please include any additional comments/suggestions regarding the future of Rural Fillmore County, Nebraska.