WE CAN USE YOUR HELP! The City of Beaumont would like to be prepared for any emergencies which may impact our community. Because of that we are updating our Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP). This plan assists us in assessing hazard vulnerabilities in order to reduce the risk of injuries, property damage, and community disruption that may occur during disastrous events. 

To help us update our plan, we would love your input! Please take our short survey! To find out more about the LHMP go to: BeaumontCA.Gov/LHMP 

Your responses will help us ensure that you and the rest of our community can get the help they need during unforeseen events. 

* Are you aware that the City of Beaumont has a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan?
* Please select the one hazard you think is the highest threat to your neighborhood:
* Please select the one hazard you think is the second highest threat to your neighborhood:
* In your opinion, what are some steps the City of Beaumont could make to reduce or eliminate the risk of future hazard damages in your neighborhood?
* Are there any other issues regarding the reduction of risk and loss associated with hazards or disasters in the community that you think are important?

A number of community-wide activities can reduce our risk from hazards. In general, these activities fall into one of the following six broad categories. Please tell us how important you think each one is for your community to consider pursuing, rank them on a scale of very important, somewhat important or not important:

* Prevention - Administrative or regulatory actions that influence the way land is developed and buildings are constructed (Example - Planning and zoning building codes, etc).
* Property Protection - Actions that involve the modification of existing buildings or structures to protect them from a hazard or remove them from the hazard area (Example - Retrofits, relocation, acquisition, etc).
* Public Education and Awareness - Actions to inform and educate residents, elected officials, and property owners about the hazards and potential ways to mitigate them (Example - Outreach, real estate disclosure, school-age and adult education).
* Natural Resource Protection - Actions that, in addition to minimizing hazard losses, also preserve or restore the functions of natural systems (Example - Erosion control, stream restoration, etc).
* Emergency Services - Actions that protect people and property during and immediately after a disaster or hazard event (Example - Warning systems, protection of official facilities, etc).
* Structural Projects - Actions that involve the construction of structures to reduce the impact of a hazard (Example - Dams, floodwalls, etc).

What would make you lose confidence in your jurisdiction’s ability to protect you and your community from hazards? Rank answer from strongly agree, agree or disagree.

* Non-disclosure of the hazards in my community
* Poor planning and response to an emergency or disaster
* Lack of follow-up in implementing and carrying out mitigation projects
* No early alert and warnings/notifications during an emergency or disaster
* Too many alert and warnings/notifications regarding an emergency or disaster
How prepared is your household for a natural disaster (for example wildfire, flood, earthquake, extended power outage, etc.)?
How can the City of Beaumont help you become better prepared for a disaster? Choose all that apply.
Please provide us your name, email and/or telephone number. The City of Beaumont will use this information only in instances where we need to respond to your questions or comments. We will not share this information with anyone.