St. Patrick’s Parish Survey – Just 3 Minutes to Complete!

The Parish Council is seeking your input to plan our future and inform a 3-Year Strategic Plan. With the support of Father Kuss, we will also be obtaining input from Deacon Schnell, our Staff, Parish Committees, Synod Representatives, Finance Council, and Trustees.


We particularly would like to hear from you, in your own words, about what is most important to you and your family. This survey is meant to be quick and allow you to provide your input and suggestions anonymously (if you wish).


In addition, we are looking for volunteers interested in participating in small-group discussions with other parishioners and members of St. Patrick’s Parish Council to discuss how together we can best support the community of St. Patrick’s church. Please provide contact information at the end of the survey if you are willing to participate in one of these discussions. Thank you in advance for your valued feedback!

Please complete only one survey for your household! 

* 1. How long have you been attending St. Patrick's?
* 2. What segment best describes you as a parishioner?
* 3. How frequently do you participate in any events, including Mass, at St. Patrick’s?
* 4. What do you like most as a parishioner of St. Patrick's? Select all that apply.
* 5. Would you recommend becoming a member of St. Patrick's to your family, friends, and neighbors?
6. If there is one thing at St. Patrick's that you could make better, what would you suggest (e.g., spiritual, activities, support, events, etc.)?
* 7. Would you like to participate in a one-hour Small Group Listening & Planning Discussion with other parishioners, OR wish to speak directly with a Parish Council Member?
If yes, please supply your name and preferred method of contact (phone number or email address)