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Thank you for filling out our re-opening survey, your feedback is invaluable in this process.

We are targeting mid-to-late June for a re-opening. When we re-open we will do so with the utmost care and as safely as possible for our students, teachers and greater community.

´╗┐We can't wait to practice in person with you again!

Not feeling ready to return to in-person?

No worries, we will continue to offer some classes on-line / hybrid now and forever!

We are committed to meeting you where you are at, in our yoga teachings, class offerings and class pricing.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions or thoughts you have, we always love to hear from you.

Be well,

Love, Lotus

Are you interested in practicing at Lotus in-person this summer?
If you are interested in practicing in-person at Lotus, how many classes a week do you think you will attend on average this summer?
For those of you who are ready to return to in-person classes - we will follow all the State and County Department of Health and CDC best practices. In addition to those guidelines, what things are important for *you* to feel comfortable attending in-person classes? Please check all that apply.
Are you willing to wear a mask while you practice in the studio?
How do you feel about hybrid classes? A hybrid class would have in-person students and on-line students simultaneously. The camera and monitor in the yoga studio would not be visible to the students in the yoga studio. The on-line students would only see the teacher (not the in-person students). Teachers would not be able to wear a mask while teaching hybrid classes.
What classes would you like to attend in person this summer? Please check all that apply.
Are there any classes in particular that you would like to see happen in-person this summer? Choose general time slots or put specific classes in the "other" field (include class name, day of the week and class time if possible). Include as many as you like.
Are there any other inclusivity practices we should put in place before we re-open for in-person classes? (500 character max.)
Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? (500 character max.)