Oxford Fresh is a partnership between two organizations who love to support agriculture and the local food they produce; Oxford County Federation of Agriculture and Tourism Oxford. Oxford Fresh offers several ways for businesses to participate:

  • Listing on OxfordFresh.ca, FREE - OPEN
  • Listing on the Oxford Fresh Map, $200 (+HST = $226.00), Next Printing 2024 - OPEN
  • Oxford Fresh Laneway Sign, $175 (+HST = $197.75) - OPEN

Applying businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Set and post business hours of operation (dates of times, online and on site)
  • Have signage installed indicating: 
  • Retail shop entrance (e.g. on the doorway)
  • If regular hours are held, a sign at the entrance indicating open or closed and what regular hours are
  • Identifying where to park
  • If by appointment: you need signage at the entrance saying this and providing a phone number or online option for people to connect with you. 
  • Must provide an address to a fixed location
  • Website or social media presence
  • Year round contact information
  • Provide customers the assurance of common standards of cleanliness and safety.
  • Businesses prohibit discrimination based on any prohibited ground as listed in the Ontario Human Rights Code.
  • Must be an agricultural business, Farm market or agricultural food production related business, featuring local ingredients. Includes: Cheese & Dairy, Fruits & Vegetables, Meat, Honey & Syrup, Farmers’ Markets, Retail featuring local produce & products, Plants, Trees & Gardens, Artisanal & Specialty Shops and other features such as Breweries, Bird Seed, Agricultural Experiences, and Specialty Products
  • Supply mostly locally grown (Ontario with focus on Oxford) fresh fruits & vegetables, meats, honey, syrups and other agriculturally related products. Recognize sourcing with signage. 
  • Traditional Farmers markets must operate a minimum of one day per week during the season
  • Display Oxford Fresh maps in your retail space. By sharing this map, celebrating local producers, we grow stronger together promoting nearby shops people can visit.
  • Put the following wording and hyperlink on your website “Proud member of Oxford Fresh”. We can also provide the Logo for your use in this link.

Additional Website Listing Criteria*

  • Must meet the general criteria
  • Must have a current website and active on one social media channel
  • Open a minimum of 3 days per week during the season – exception for Farmers’ Markets

*map advertisers exempt from additional criteria

Additional Laneway Signage Program

  • Must meet general criteria
  • Your business can have up to 6 items from other Ontario farms also for sale but they must be signed stating where they are from. We encourage farms to use this opportunity to tell the local food story of these items (e.g. farm name, town/region, is it a relatives farm, is it a farm that buys from you or sells your product) 


Complete the following form to apply for one/all of these programs:

General Business Information (Applies for all programs)

* Business Name:
* Site Address:
* Phone & Toll Free:
* Email:
* What are the days and hours you are open and are you open year round:

Contact Information:

* Contact: (First & last names):
* Email:
* Phone/Cell:
Mailing Address if different from Site Address
* Please select a Business Category:
Please enter your social media handles below (e.g. Facebook.com/OxfordFresh)

Oxford Fresh Website Listing - Free

Web Listing
You can now have up to 200 WORDS in your description, such as listing the products you sell, what they'll see and do etc.. If you need assistance to write up your description please email [email protected]

Click here to visit oxfordfresh.ca

2024-2025 Oxford Fresh Map, 10,000 maps, 2 year supply, $200 (+HST = $226.00)

Map listing
Please enter your map description here. (up to 200 characters including letters, spaces and punctuation). You may list your products, season & hours etc. If you need help writing your listing please email [email protected]

Click here to see the last 2022-2023 Oxford Fresh Map

Oxford Fresh Laneway Sign Program, $175 (+HST = $197.75)

Laneway Sign
OF Sign Example 1.JPG
Farm Name. Up to 10 Characters
Description: 1-2 lines that appear under farm name. Up to 70 characters (e.g. contact, products for sale, by apt, hour etc)


  • The subject matter, form, illustration & typography of the advertisement are subject to approval of the Oxford Fresh partners.
  • General Provisions: In the event of the sale or transfer of ownership of your establishment, you agree to notify Oxford Fresh by email within ten days of the sale or transfer.
  • It is your responsibility to proof read your listing and display advertisement that will be emailed.
  • Your signature, or email, indicates your acceptance of the terms & conditions of this membership contract. 
  • Please make payment to:
  • Oxford County Federation of Agriculture
  • 275789 27th Line
  • Lakeside, ON N0M 2G0
* Submission of this form indicates your acceptance of the Terms and conditions of this contract.
* First & Last Name:
* Date:
Question Text

If you have any questions, please contact:

Nicole Barnett, Administrator

Oxford County Federation of Agriculture

275789 27th Line, Lakeside, ON N0M 2G0

T: 519-533-2208

E: [email protected]

Emily van Straten

Tourism Oxford

21 Reeve St., Woodstock, ON N4S 7Y3

T: 1-866-801-7368 #3355

E: [email protected]