Each year the Chamber will be conducting a survey to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and to improve on our existing endeavors. Previously you were mailed a survey with your billing statement. The response was extremely low. We hope that by making the survey available electronically it will be easier for more members to participate.

I am personally asking for your input so that we can become an organization that more accurately reflects the needs of our members. 

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes of your time. We will publish the results and integrate your suggestions as we move forward. 

Thank you,

Sharon Campbell

Executive Director

2022 Member Survey

1. Please rate the overall performance of the Chamber in 2021:
Moving in the right directioin
Moving in the wrong direction
2. Below, is a list of programs and events the Chamber administers or organizes. Please, rank by importance each current Chamber activity/program:
Are there other events or programs you would like to see the Chamber offer?
3. The Chamber publishes a weekly newsletter called "Take Me Home." It is distributed via e-mail, Facebook and our website, www.WetzelCountyChamber.org. Which option best describes your feelings about the newsletter:
What comments or suggestions do you have regarding the Chamber's newsletter, "Take Me Home." If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter, please put your email address below:

The next several questions are about programs that are being developed heading into 2022.

4. The Chamber and the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) partnered to propose the creation of a Virtual Visitors Center. The cost for the start-up year is $19,500.00 and $16,500.00 thereafter. The City of New Martinsville City Council has agreed to fund the start-up year beginning in the spring of 2022. The Virtual Visitors Center will draw information from your listings on Google and social media platforms. Please rate your level of web preparedness for this new endeavor:
What help would you need to update your online presence?

5. The Small Business Breakfast Club is a new activity that we will be bringing to small business owners in a casual morning breakfast setting. Business owners will receive up-to-date information from a small group of some of our most highly plugged-in partnerships. It is scheduled to be publicized in January and launched in February of 2022. The working plan is to meet on the 1st and 4th Wednesdays of each month in six locations from February through April. The areas we will be visiting are as follows: Hundred, Short Line, Sistersville, Middlebourne, New Martinsville, and Paden City.

Please let us know if you would be interested in attending this type of training. List below recommendations for breakfast locations in your area:
6. The Wetzel-Tyler Young Entrepreneur Development Program is a new program that is currently being developed. The program will encompass all five-area high-schools. It is a ten-week program aimed at helping our youth create their own local businesses and strengthen our economic base. Scheduled for a fall 2022 launch. Funding for this program has been provided by a generous grant from MPLX. If you have comments or questions regarding this program, please list below:
7. The Chamber will be purchasing one year of advertising at the Movie House in New Martinsville, WV. Member businesses will have the opportunity to advertise their business under this block purchase at a nominal cost. The ads will run prior to the start of each movie. If you are interested in participating in this ad buy, please indicate below:
8. The Chamber has renewed our membership in the WV Chamber of Commerce. The WV Chamber provides information on legal issues that impact our area businesses and the state. Being a member allows our Chamber to have a voice in important discussions. Our membership also allows our Chamber to keep members abreast of meaningful legislative changes as well as funding opportunities:
Please list any organizations of which you think the Chamber should be a member:

9. Co-Starters is a program the Chamber will be offering in 2022 with support of the Regional Economic Development Partnership (R.E.D.) Below is a quote highlighting their view on the importance of supporting small businesses:

We believe small business is the backbone of communities, and there are good ideas that need to be brought to market. We developed our programs for success so Main Street can flourish again.

We believe that individuals thrive in the context of community. CO.STARTERS is about bringing people together to learn from one another in order to create a strong network of support.

We believe in making concepts and language easy to understand, so business owners can focus on practical next steps and move toward their goals”. - Click here to learn about Co-Starters

Based on the statement above, what is your feeling about Co-Starters:
10. How can the Chamber serve you better? Please use the space below to let the Chamber know what changes you would like to see to help you maximize your experience as a member:

This next section is for members to update their contact information. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can update this data by email - Brian@WetzelCountyChamber.org

Member Name (Business or Organization):
Chamber Contact Person (This is the person the Chamber would contact with questions about membership):
Email and Phone Contact for the Chamber contact person:
Billing Address:
We would like to discuss how to maximize your membership benefits. What is the best way for us to have this conversation with you:
Public contact person if different from Chamber contact (this is the person you want publicly displayed on our website who your customers would contact):
Public phone number, E-mail and address for listing on our website:
Website and/or Social media accounts you would like to share on our website:

Thank you for your feedback