KWAOR Strategic Planning Survey:

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About You

* Age
* Gender Identity
* Which of the following best decribes you? (Please select one answer)
* Highest level of education completed: (Check only one)
* Which certifications or designations do you currently hold? (Check all that apply)
* I am licensed as a (an): (Check all that apply)
* Years licensed:
* Which of these best describes your industry/area of focus? (Check all that apply)
* The firm I work for is a (an): (Check only one)
Question Text
Hours typically worked in the real estate business per week?
* Hours typically worked in the real estate business per week?
* Years in the industry?
* Approximately, how many houses/units did you sell/lease in the past 12 months?

How would you personally rate the following aspects of your profession:

* Compensation?
* Degree of Stress?
* Personal Fulfillment?
* Work/Life Balance
Please tell us about the most significant issues/challenges you are currently facing in terms of your professional success.

Your involvement with KWAOR

* Years as a KWAOR member?
* How would you rate your involvement with KWAOR?
* Are you or have you ever volunteered with KWAOR?
If no, tell us why?
* Do you have any interest in potentially volunteering for a committee?
If yes, tell us which one?
* Please rate the overall value of your membership in KWAOR versus the amount of membership dues paid?
* How satisfied/dissatisfied are you with your KWAOR membership?
* Are you planning to renew your KWAOR membership when it comes due?
* Would you recommend KWAOR membership to a colleague?
* What is the single most important thing KWAOR could realistically do to benefit you?
* What area(s) could KWAOR most improve in order to benefit you?
Rank these aspects of your KWAOR membership with #1 being the highest and #6 the lowest.
Rank these aspects of your KWAOR membership with #1 being the highest and #8 lowest.
Check off any of these aspects of your membership that you were unaware of.

How satisfied are you with the following KWAOR initiatives?

* Advocacy/Legislative, Awareness, Ethics
* Communication
* Member Events/Networking
* Volunteer Opportunities
* Other Benefits

How important are the following to you?

* Advocacy
* Diversity
* Website Content
* Website Functionality
* KWAOR E-Newsletter
* Industry Conferences
* Industry/Market Data
* Networking
* Professional Development/Education
* Promotion of KWAOR Members
* What do you consider to be the number one benefit of your KWAOR membership?
* Would you join KWAOR if you didn’t have to?
If no, tell us why?

Communications/Social Networking

* How would you rate the number of e-mails you receive from KWAOR?
* About how often do you access the KWAOR website?
* What medium of communication do you prefer from KWAOR? (Select your top 2)

Please rate the following KWAOR website attributes?

* Overall ease of use/usability
* Usefulness/relevance of information
* Amount of information available
* Member Portal
* Please share any suggestions you might have on how the KWAOR website could be improved.
* Have you ever used social media (e.g., Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) to interact with KWAOR?

KWAOR Updates - KWAOR's E-Newletter

* How often do you read the KWAOR Updates?
* If you read the KWAOR Updates, how much of the publication do your read?
* How do you feel about the frequency in which KWAOR Updates is published?
* Please list any additinal comments you wish to share with the KWAOR Leadership.