NPPA's Outstanding Buyer of the Year Award Program

Description & Current Year's Deadline

The National Pharmacy Purchasing Association (NPPA) is proud to honor exemplary work in the field of pharmacy purchasing, with their Outstanding Buyer of the Year Award Program. 

Each year, the Top 3 Awardees are named at the Annual NPPA Conference, and in addition to the distinction, are given corresponding educational cash prize awards. 

Deadline for Nominations:  are open through June 6 (2022).

In addition to the instructions below, see the NPPA website's "Outstanding Buyer" page under the "Membership" bar, for more details.

 Qualifications & Eligibility

Current NPPA Membership:  Nominees must have a current NPPA membership active in their name, valid through the month of August in the corresponding award year. In addition, all nominees must be pharmacy purchasing professionals currently employed in a pharmacy facility.

Nomination types allowed: Both self-nominations, or those submitted for a nominee by a third party (their work supervisor, co-worker, or colleague related to pharmacy purchasing), will all be considered. In these cases, we suggest that both the nominator as well as the nominee, submit all or part of the Nomination Form, so the responses are as complete as possible. This gives the nominee the opportunity to comment further than the nominator may have been able to do, or allows them to add some additional remarks (and NPPA will give the nominee the chance to do so if they didn't already or were unaware of their nomination by the third party). Both eligible nominations will be presented to the judging panel and published in NPPA's official member publication, Pharmacy Purchasing Outlook.

Ineligible are as follows: drug or supply vendor company representatives; Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) executives (such as HealthTrust, Intalere, Premier, Vizient, etc.); those working for pharmacy management companies (such as Comprehensive Pharmacy Services or HCA Healthcare); and 1st and 2nd place winners from previous years as an NPPA Outstanding Buyer.

Award Distinctions & Prizes

Qualified nominees have the chance to win one of the following 3 distinctions and educational cash prize awards, as directly sponsored by NPPA.

  1st Place:  $1,000 for education/travel

  2nd Place:  $500 for education/travel

  3rd Place:  $250 for education/travel

 Determination of Top 3 Awardees

Criteria:  The criteria used to evaluate the significance of the nominee's accomplishments within the past year takes into account the level of positive impact the individual made within their pharmacy during the year, such as-but not limited to, the following.

  -Providing a model for excellence; 

  -Helping others to do their jobs better; 

  -Improving the services provided by the Pharmacy Department; 

  -Streamlining business process efficiency; 

  -Applying innovation or creativity to job duties; 

  -Developing new job skills; 

  -Keeping a consistently positive attitude despite workload demands; 

  -Accomplishing savings in cost and/or time.

Judging, Status Notifications & Awardee Prize Monies: The 3 Awardees will be determined by a neutral panel of judges, and notified via email as soon as the judging is finalized by mid-July (as well as the other Nominees being notified of their status at the same time).  Prize monies will be provided by check from NPPA sent via U.S. mail shortly after the judging is completed.  

Award Ceremony & Acknowledgments:  A short award ceremony will be held, with framed Awardee Certificates presented to the Awardees in attendance at that year's NPPA Conference in August; as well as there being a full acknowledgment of all the worthy Nominees up for the award. Awardees will also be announced and published in a post-Conference edition of Pharmacy Purchasing Outlook, as well as on the NPPA website-with photos taken at the Conference of those in attendance.

* Enter your Name, Title, any Professional Designations (such as "CPhT"), the Company/Facility you work as a Buyer at, the Full Mailing Address, and Email (at work).
2. If you are a third party submitting this nomination for someone else, please provide your own name, title, facility, city/state--and, your relationship to the nominee.
* 3. Is the nominee certified, licensed, and/or registered, as a Pharmacy Technician in their city/state?
* 4. Is the nominee a current NPPA member, and will be current with membership through August 2022?
* 5. What is the nominee facility's bed size, and what type of facility is it? (Teaching vs. community; rural or city, etc.)
* 6. Approximately how many dollars per year (annually) of pharmaceutical-related expenditures does the nominee purchase or supervise the purchasing of, at the nominee's facility?
* 7. What is the dollar amount of the average Inventory that the nominee controls throughout the year?
* 8. What are the nominee's/Pharmacy Department's current Inventory "Turns"? (Divide amount in above Question #6 by amount in above Question #7.)
* 9. How long has the nominee been a Pharmacy Buyer?
* 10. What are the nominee's main job responsibilities? (As Buyer mainly, and if otherwise in addition?)
* 11. What may be unique, interesting, or challenging about the nominee's facility?
* 12. List any accomplishments or projects that the nominee instituted that has either saved their Pharmacy Department and facility money, or helped to make their job or the department run more efficiently. (Please be as detailed as possible in your response.)
* 13. How has the nominee's job changed over the years?
* 14. What does the nominee like about their job?
* 15. What does the nominee dislike about their job?
* 16. What would be the nominee's advice to drug company vendor representatives?
* 17. What kind of specific challenges does the nominee have?
* 18. How has the nominee's membership to NPPA helped them in their job and/or personally? (Overall, or from information provided in NPPA's official member-publication Pharmacy Purchasing Outlook.)
* 19. Has the nominee ever attended one of the Annual NPPA Conferences? And if so, how did that help in their job after the event?
* 20. If the nominee were one of the Top 2 placing Awardees for this Award, would they be able to attend the upcoming NPPA Conference?
* 21. What other professional organizations (in addition to NPPA) might the nominee belong to or be active with? Also if applicable, explain if the nominee has any specific involvement with each group, other than being a member. (Please spell out the name of the organizations in full, as well as listing their normal abbreviations.)
* 22. List any other qualifications the nominee may have for this award, such as: being honored by their facility; having an article published; organizing buyer meetings; doing public speaking; volunteer work, etc.
23. If this is a self-nomination, do you wish for us to advise your supervisor or other co-worker of your nomination so that they are at least aware, and also have the option to add any further comments of their own? If so, please provide their full name, title, email address, and relationship to you.