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Thank you for visiting Cumberland Lodge - we hope you enjoyed your time with us, and invite you to share your feedback by completing the short survey below.

Feedback on your visit to Cumberland Lodge

* Upon arrival at Cumberland Lodge, how did you find the check-in process?
Very inefficient
Very efficient
Please add any further comments around the check-in process
* How happy were you with your bedroom?
Very unhappy
Very happy
Which room did you stay in? Please add any further comments about your room
* Did you experience any maintenance issues during your stay and, if so, were they resolved?
If you experienced a maintenance issue during your stay, please include further details
* How did you find the meeting room facilities?
Very unsatisfactory
Very satisfactory
Please share any specific feedback you have about our meeting facilities (e.g. WiFi)
* Quality of food
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
* Meeting of dietary requirements
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
Please add any additional comments you have about mealtimes, including the service:
* How friendly/responsive did you find our staff?
Not at all
Very friendly and helpful
Please share any specific examples:
* Overall, how would you rate your stay at Cumberland Lodge?
Very poor
Very good
Is there anything more we could do to make your visit more comfortable in the future?
* Thank you for helping us to trial this survey; please let us know in a few words how you found the process.
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