2021 Volunteer Survey

* Are you looking forward to volunteering in 2021?
* We require all 2021 volunteers to go through COVID specific training. Are you willing to do this training?
* Each day you are required to fill out a wellness form. Are you willing to do this?
* How many hours per week do you feel you would like to volunteer?
* How many days per week would you like to volunteer?
* Do you consider yourself more of an indoor or outdoor person?
* What time of day do you prefer volunteering?
* What area would you like to volunteer in at Sonnenberg? Check 2 that apply.
* Do you prefer to work autonomously, or surrounded by one or more volunteers/staff?
For Tram Drivers Only. The seat next to you will not be able to be occupied by visitors/guests. Are you willing to drive 6 guests if they have masks?
For Tram Drivers Only. We need the trams to be wiped down after each round trip tour. This involves gloves, antiseptic, and paper towels. Are you willing to do this?
* Which Sonnenberg event/s would you most like to volunteer for? Check all that apply
* Would you be interested in being a Volunteer Mentor for a volunteer area or a specific public event?
* Are you interested in being a part of our support team for weddings?
* How did you hear about volunteer opportunities at Sonnenberg:
* Last Name
* First Name
* Address
* City
* State
* Zip
Cell Phone
Other Phone