HIPAA, Privacy & Security Training

VIM Clinic policy requires all volunteers to receive this training annually.

Please review the HIPAA, Privacy & Security Training below before taking this quiz.

* Name (First & Last)
* You should only access a patient's medical record if you need to do so for your duties at VIM Clinic.
* It is okay to share information with family or friends even if you don't have the patient's permission
* It is okay to share your password with a coworker who just needs to quickly "look something up."
* All suspected privacy and information security incidents should be reported to the Privacy Officer, Security Officer, or a supervisor.
* At initial registration, patients are provided with VIM Clinic's Notice of Privacy Practices that explains, in plain language, how their health information may be used.
* You may access any Protected Health Information (PHI) you want if you are a health care employee or volunteer, even if the person is not your patient.
* Which of the following are good practices to follow at your workstation?
* If a paper containing PHI is no longer needed, it should be placed in the regular trash container immediately.
* A patient has the right to request a copy of their health record.
* It would be permissible under current privacy regulations for you to look up a coworker's address in the electronic medical records so you can send a get-well card.