Ana Gopoian

Founder and Executive Director

TriCircle, Inc.


Elizabeth Kirby Fullerton, Ph.D.

Recover Your Family

We need your input!

Ana and Elizabeth are interested in learning where the loved ones of those with substance use disorder (SUD) go for help, support and answers. Our goal is to write a book for loved ones to learn from what you have discovered about addiction, language of the systems, self-advocacy, resources, as well as the different paths to recovery. 


At the end of the brief survey, you will have an opportunity to provide contact information. If you are interested in sharing additional information via a phone call, please let us know.

For questions, you may contact one or both of us:



Where did you go for help? (check all that apply)
Care to share more about your experience? Or, did you seek help from a source not listed above? Please share that information here:
How old was your loved one when you first sought help?
Of the services you accessed, which was the most helpful?
Which service was the least helpful?
Is there anything else you would like to share?
If you are comfortable with us reaching out to you for more information, please consider sharing your first name, email address and/or your phone number below: