The last three years have forced major changes on our business community and our organization. From new staff to dealing with covid-19, the Chamber has still been here to help your business be the best it can be in any way possible.

We can't thank our members and the community enough for continuing to support the Chamber! To help us assess our current programs, events and benefits, we invite any current, past, or future Chamber Members to take this quick survey.

Survey results will be used to help complete the Chamber's new strategic plan that will guide us into the future. As a thank you, all businesses that complete and submit the survey will be entered to win a free one-year membership. (Discount not to exceed $300. If winning business dues are more than $300, there will be a discount of $300 off the total membership dues.)

Survey will close on September 30, 2023.

* How many people do you employ? (full-time plus part-time equivalent)
* What category does your business fall in?
* How long have you been in business?
* What is your current status with the Chamber?
* How long have you been a Windom Chamber Member?
* Why did you, or why would you, join the Chamber? Please select all that apply.
* What Chamber events have you attended in the last three years?
* If you have not participated in any of these events, please indicate why.
* What time of day is best for you to attend events and programs?
* What are the top issues facing your business today? Please rank from most concern to least concern.
* What is your preferred method of communication from the Chamber?
* What do you think the Chamber does best? Please rank from best to needs improvement.
* Do the events, programs, and benefits of the Chamber meet your expectations?
* How likely is it that you would recommend the Chamber to other business owners?
Not Likely
Very Likely
What makes the Windom Chamber valuable?
What additional services would you like to see the Chamber offer?
What professional or business development topics would you like covered in the future?
Do you have any additional comments, questions or suggestions for the Chamber?
To be entered for the discounted membership, please enter your contact information below. You must include business name, contact name, phone number, email, and mailing address.