EWEB Integrated Resource Plan Public Comment Form

Thank you for participating in EWEB’s public engagement process for our 2023 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

The IRP forecasts EWEB’s energy needs 20 years into the future. It then uses advanced modeling software to suggest portfolios of energy resources – combinations of hydropower, wind, conservation and other resources – that will best fit those needs. All energy resource portfolios must meet EWEB’s future energy needs at the lowest cost while remaining within multiple constraints. Those constraints include becoming 95% carbon free by 2030.

This first draft of the 2023 IRP describes the “reference case” energy resource portfolio. This portfolio will serve as a baseline for us to do more analysis during the first half of 2023. During this period, we want to hear from you. What have we missed during our analysis process? What questions about Eugene’s energy future do you want EWEB to explore?

After incorporating feedback into our analytical process, we will publish a final IRP in June 2023. And then, we’ll do it all again. This IRP is the first in an iterative process and we’ll create a new IRP every two years.

* Are you an EWEB customer?
* What is your zip code?
* Did you read the IRP executive summary or play the IRP card game?
* EWEB designed the IRP process to ensure that we have enough energy to meet the needs of our customers at the lowest cost, while abiding by our commitment to having a portfolio that is 95% carbon free by 2030. Do you agree with this approach?
* Why or why not?
* What do you think is the most important takeaway from the IRP executive summary and/or card game?
* EWEB’s IRP team is doing more analysis to explore different possible energy resource futures for our community. What question do you want EWEB’s IRP analysis team to explore?