Feasibility Study Survey

Please enter your name to avoid further follow-up. Responses are kept confidential.
1. How clear is the Stepping Stones’ shelter building project as presented in the Case Statement document?
2. How important do you believe the shelter building project is to the future well-being of the Dunn County community?
Additional comments:
3. What do you consider to be two or three of Stepping Stones’ strengths?
4. Would you see any areas of concern that may affect a capital campaign to fund the shelter building project?
5. Who, in your best judgment, would be three to five persons in the Dunn County community who could provide the necessary leadership to make a capital campaign successful?
6. A capital campaign will need many volunteers to ensure its success. If asked, would you or someone from your organization accept a leadership or supportive role?
7. If this campaign moves forward, would your organization make a gift payable over a three to five year period?
a. If “Yes” or “Would Consider”, in which of the levels would your total gift be:
b. Without making a formal commitment, can you share what your gift would be? $____________ per year for ____ years, totaling $____________
c. Would your gift or pledge increase if naming opportunities were available? (i.e. having the shelter building or a room named after your organization)
8. What is the most effective way for you to receive information about Stepping Stones and next steps with this project?
9. Are you or someone from your organization willing to attend a small gathering to learn more about this project?
10. In addition to the information you have already shared, do you have any other comments?