By taking this survey, you are joining in an effort to renew and shape the future of the Catholic Church in the 21st Century

This special Synod is a grass-roots effort to synthesize thoughts and opinions to take the Catholic Church forward in the 21st Century.

We want to reach everyone in Emerson and the surrounding towns! - please take a few postcards in church and share them with friends, neighbors, family - even the children can take part in the Synod!

There are 4 main questions to answer.

Thank you for participating in this unique and historic process!

All questions are optional.

(Please take time to reflect before answering)

Question 1: How does the Catholic Church bring meaning to your life?
Question 2: How has belonging to the Catholic Church helped, challenged, or disappointed you?
Queston 3: How does the Catholic Church need to change to meet the needs of people in the 21st Century?
Question 4: What helps or prevents you from being actively engaged in the Catholic Church?

Thank you for helping us!

Now, we'd love to hear your feedback to help our Parish.

Please continue to answer a few easy questions.


You are very important to us.

We want to better serve your needs.

All questions are optional.

Question 1: Do you find a sense of belonging and connection in our parish community? If yes, describe how? If no, how can we change to make that happen for you?
Question 2: What can our Church do to attract young adults and families?
Question 3: How can we improve outreach and communication? Which communication channels should we use?
Question 4: What steps can our parish take to encourage more individuals and families to attend Mass on Sunday?
Question 5: What steps can we take to encourage more volunteers?
Question 6: How can we invite people to learn more about being Catholic?

If you experience trouble submitting this survey,

please copy your answers and drop them off in the Rectory mailbox,

in church collection baskets,

or email them to us