*** Third Annual ***

Healthcare Facilities Management Survey

Fall 2023

We want to hear your opinion, and then we want to give you a gift card.

Fill out the survey and win one of three $100 gift cards! All who submit their name and contact information will automatically be entered.

All answers are anonymous. The survey closes on October 6, 2023.

1. What is your role in healthcare facilities management?
2. If you are not working in facilities management, which adjacent facility management discipline do you work in?
3. Based on square footage, what is the size of your facility?
4. How long have you worked in healthcare facilities management, or related discipline?
5. Why do you stay in your healthcare (or healthcare adjacent) career (check all that apply)?
Additional thoughts on why you stay in your healthcare career
6. What do you consider a MINIMUM length of stay with an employer before seeking a new role?
7. The US Department of Health and Human Services says that health systems should set targets to reduce their emissions by half by 2030 (compared with a baseline from 2008) and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Specific to the 2030 date ONLY, how concerned are you about your organization's ability to meet the 2030 HSS suggested standards?
7a. Have sustainability/decarbonization efforts in your system impacted your department?
If you answered "yes" to above, how?
8. Has your department had difficulty/not been able to fill an open role in the past year?
8a. If so, what was the role (check all that apply)?
We want your opinion, please. What initial steps do you believe should be taken to help to chip away at the employee deficit that has developed. All thoughts welcome.
9. Are you considering retirement from healthcare facilities management?
9a. If you answered yes, when are you considering retirement?
10. What are the most significant issues facing healthcare facilities management (check all that apply)?
Additional thoughts on issues facing HCFM
Would you potentially be interested in appearing with us on the Healthcare Facilities Network to discuss your responses?
Please supply your contact information, including your name and email, if you would like to appear (with others) on the Healthcare Facilities Network to discuss your perspectives, or to enter the gift certificate raffle.

Thank you for your participation. We appreciate your feedback. We will share the results of this survey following the survey close. Thank you.