Nebraska Cattlemen Farm Bill Review

In preparation for the 2023 Farm Bill, Nebraska Cattlemen is seeking direct input from every sector of the beef industry in Nebraska. Member input regarding 2018 Farm Bill programs provides valuable direction for developing, modifying, or expanding 2023 Farm Bill programming.

* County
* Which of the following best describes the type of operation you currently operate? (Select all that apply)
* Have you utilized any of the following programs provided by the Farm Bill in the last 5 years? (Pick all that apply)
* Overall, is more funding needed for Farm Bill programming?
If yes, where should this additional funding be allocated?
* Should crop insurance premiums, livestock risk protection, or other risk management programs be tied to conservation, climate change, or carbon practices?
* As carbon and greenhouse gas emissions become more of a focus, should funding be allocated to carbon sequestration programs?
* Should there be measures in the Farm Bill addressing consolidation in food processing and packing companies?
* Should the 2023 Farm Bill include funding for programs that guard against the spread of foreign animal diseases such as the National Animal Vaccine and Veterinary Countermeasures Bank?
* Should funding be provided for programs to help producers return to normal operations following adverse weather, predator attacks, or extreme conditions such as drought and wildfire be included in the 2023 Farm Bill?
* Which of the 2018 Farm Bill titles do you or your operation have the most interest in? (select all that apply)*
Any other input or specific changes not covered in the previously asked questions?