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Introduction: This year, 2021, has been a landmark year for the Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina. We have updated our name to better reflect the diversity of disease states that make up the Bleeding Disorders community, locally in South Carolina, and within our national organizations. We have changed our logo to encompass our “all-inclusive mission” in serving all bleeding disorders without any bias of race, gender, ethnicity, social and economic class, or ordination. With our “newly” learned virtual technology capabilities, we strive to reach every one of our members in all corners of the state. We have strengthened our advocacy voices in Columbia to ensure our access to health care and quality treatment while participating in research initiatives to have a hand in the blue print of the direction of research and to strengthen the need to find a cure. Now we take up one of our most important tasks for you to let us know what "YOU" think. Your feedback helps us to focus our future services, programs, major events, educational needs, research projects and our advocacy efforts. Your feedback helps us move forward for our tomorrows!

       As always, this survey is completely anonymous, but this year we are asking some additional questions to help us better refine your feedback. Again, the survey is completely anonymous and we are only asking these questions for classification purposes.

* Do you live in South Carolina?
If you live in South Carolina, what county do you live in?
If you are our member living in another state, what state do you reside in?
* Demographics Information 1 - How do you identify? Please Choose 1
* Demographics Information 2 - What Bleeding Disorder are you or your household affected by?
* Demographics Information 3 - What severity of Bleeding Disorder?

Instructions: Please read each question and answer them accordingly. Please provide your most honest answers so we can address our communities needs within our 2022 yearly strategic planning. You do not have to sign your name, however please do so if you would like a feedback call from the Chapter. Your answers will be completely anonymous. If a question doesn’t pertain to you, please put N/A in the answer line. Thank you so kindly for helping us with our mission: to educate, support, advocate, and contribute to the research for a cure.

* 1. How do you prefer to connect with the Chapter and its members?

2. Please rate the importance of being a member and the direction of our future planning? What is most important to you? 

* Advocacy: Access to care and treatment; health care.
* 3. Research: Advancing research in treatments care, IE: gene therapy, new treatment therapies, and research to finding a cure.
* 4. Education: Programs to support different disease states, IE: VWD, Hemophilia, Platelet Disorders, others rare bleeding disorders.
* 5. Support Services: Services we provide, IE: Financial Assistance, Scholarships, Camp Support, School Bleeding Disorders Education, Bleeding Disorders Outreach Education, Support Group Activities, Etc.
* 6. Community Connections: Activities that provided you connection to other members.
* 7. Do you feel that BDASC is accessible to you, where you live?
If the answer to #7 above is no, are you part of the VIP Program (I-Pad Technology Program Devices)
Would you like to make some suggestions on how we can be more accessible?
* 8. Do you feel that BDASC reflects and supports you, your family, and your Bleeding Disorder?
If Not, how could we better reflect you and your Bleeding Disorder?
9. In your view, what is the most common purpose that currently unites our South Carolina Bleeding Disorders community within the Bleeding Disorders Association of South Carolina organization?
10. What do you consider to be BDASC’s greatest accomplishments, or what you would like us to accomplish as your member organization?
11. What are the top three things you would like financial contributions to our organization to be used for?
* 12. Which method do you prefer we use for communication with you? (You can choose more than one)
13. Additional comments you would like to add/provide for BDASC to consider as we update our strategic plan for the next 3-5 years?
Thank you for taking the time to communicate your needs with BDASC and take part in our planning process. If you would like us to call you or connect to discuss any of the above or BDASC in general, please provide your contact information in the below space. Thank you!