Dear Members and Friends of KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science,

We hope this letter finds you living in the center of wellness and prosperity.

Our records indicate that many of our members have not actively shared in fellowship with us for at least a year; therefore, in an effort to ensure a more accountable KRST membership we are seeking to contact people who have been absent from the Empowerment Services and/or have not fully participated in the activities of our Spiritual Center. 

However, if you are receiving this email and are an active and participating member, we whole-heartedly appreciate and thank you. We do ask, however, that you please complete the attached survey so that we can update our records as well as address any needs or concerns you may have. 

Oftentimes life goes in cycles; activities ebb and flow, our priorities get re-arranged and then re-arranged again a few years later.  We have noted that members can be inconsistent in their attendance of regular spiritual services, not because they lack spirituality, but because their lives have changed. Because of these life changes, we may have lost contact with you. 

The Ministerial staff at KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science care very much for and appreciates all of its Members. Because we care, we are working on updating our membership directory in an effort to schedule a long overdue, in-person, membership meeting. There are many pressing issues at our Center that needs all of our active members involvement in seeking solutions. 

Our current Bylaws define a member as either Active or Inactive members.

Active Membership

Active membership shall be defined as those who attend and supports the Center by participation and contribution and seeks to promote the spiritual growth and welfare of the KRST family, and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics, Mission, Vision, Statement of Being, Purpose and Bylaws of KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science. Such a member will be considered a member in good standing.

Inactive Membership

Inactive membership shall be those who do not meet the definition of Active Membership. Such status shall be recommended by the Ministerial Council and voted on by the Board of Directors. If an evaluation of inactivity is determined by the Council, an effort will be made to meet with that member (in-person or video conference) to ascertain if there is just cause for inactivity. If after counsel, no just cause is determined, that member may be deemed “inactive.” An inactive member may petition the Ministerial Council, either verbally or in writing to remain an Active member. After a ninety (90) day period and having met the terms of active membership as defined above, the Ministerial Council will meet to discuss reinstating the Members active status.

Attached is a short survey that will help us update your membership status. Providing the most appropriate responses for your situation will assist in better serving your Spiritual and Membership needs. Please respond as soon as possible.

Our hopes are that you will desire to remain or become an active member of KRST Unity Center of AfraKan Spiritual Science.

We recognize that we are a Center of transition and elevation as our goal is Self-Mastery for all our Members so we celebrate your passage through our community. We pray that the Ntru will continue to be the source and Ma’at the goal of your life and that you seek a Spiritual community and support, if not here, somewhere. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ankh Udja Snb

Ministerial Council

Sr. Minister Rev. Richard Meri Ka Ra Byrd

Rev Erica Ni Maat Byrd

Abut SMST Neferet Sa.t–Beset


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We'd love your feedback. We created this survey to hear all about what's important to you. As always, we'll stay in touch and keep you posted on this and other news.

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* When was the last time you attended an Empowerment Service? MM/YYYY
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* If you are an inactive member, please explain why, and what would it take for you to reactivate your membership? Or please provide any other information you feel would assist us in better serving your needs.