Friends of Chatham Waterways Strategic Plan Survey

FCW would like to hear from you! This survey of 10 questions should take no more than

10 minutes to complete. We appreciate your time and feedback. 

* 1. Which best describes your association with Friends of Chatham Waterways? (check only 1)
Describe Other
* 2. What is the length of time of your association with FCW?
* 3. What best describes your age-group?
* 4. Does your property abut a pond, lake, or the ocean?
If yes, what is the name of the waterbody?
* 5. Are you a member of a neighborhood association that abuts a pond, lake, or ocean?
If yes, what is the name of the association?
* 6. In your opinion, which of these forms of communication to you from FCW, are valuable to you?
* Which of the above forms of communication is of most value to you?

FCW’s mission statement: Friends of Chatham Waterways’ mission is to protect the wise use and enjoyment of Chatham's fresh and salt waterways and adjoining lands by serving as an informational resource and to take action on these issues.

* 7. How do you feel about FCW and its mission statement?
* 8. Please check any of the following FCW programs that are important to you.
9. Is there something you think FCW should be doing that would further the organization’s mission?
10. Any other comments you would like to share?

Optional: (But we would love to know.)