Crownsville Hospital Oral History Project

The historic transfer of the former Maryland Hospital for the Negro Insane, known to many as Crownsville State Hospital, from the State of Maryland to Anne Arundel County is complete. Work is beginning to transform this space into Crownsville Hospital Memorial Park, the green and healing heart of our county.

As the county preserves this land and its history, it is important that we also preserve your stories about this institution. The county would like to hear your stories, and archive and share them for today and the future. If you are willing to share your remembrances of Crownsville State Hospital please complete the following Survey.

*** Remembrances of Crownsville State Hospital ***

* What was your association with Crownsville State Hospital in Crownsville, MD?
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Thank you for sharing your remembrances of Crownsville State Hospital. If you have further questions about the Crownsville Oral History Project, please send them to [email protected].