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Dear College Park family, we are hoping you will help give us feedback on how you are feeling about re-opening to in-person services as the vaccination for COVID-19 becomes more widespread. Your answers to these questions will help us determine what to do next. Please participate and encourage your friends and family members to as well!

COVID-19 Church Survey

Section 1: How are you doing?

Who is filling out this survey? Feel welcome to fill it out for yourself or for your whole family. If you are comfortable, please share the name(s) of the people you are representing in your survey response! If you prefer to remain anonymous that is perfectly fine.
How are you (and your family) doing? Any concerns, celebrations, changes, challenges that you want to share with us?
Would you welcome a check-in call from a ministry team member or the pastor?
If you answered yes, when do you prefer to be contacted?
If you answered yes, please provide a phone number to reach you.

Section 2: How is our online content going?

What online content have you accessed during the COVID-19 pandemic?
If you have not interacted with our online content, why not?
How satisfied are you with our online ministries?
Not very satisfied
Very Satisfied

Section 3: In-person services

As the vaccine becomes widely available in our area, we want to see if we as a congregation are ready to start meeting in person regularly, and if so, what we all want that to look like. Please help us answer the following questions so we can gauge how we are all feeling.

How comfortable are you with the choir singing outdoors or indoors?
Which of the following safety measures would you need in order to feel safe meeting indoors?
With safety restrictions in place, how comfortable do you feel with meeting in person?
Would you be willing to attend a worship service at a different time or a different location than in the past to allow for better safety measures?
Would you be comfortable with an outdoor fellowship time before services (you bring your own coffee) if the weather allows?
Do you have children age 18 or younger who typically attend church with you?
If you bring children when you attend worship services again, would you allow them to attend their class where it typically meets?
What precautions do you expect the church to take in indoor children’s classes when they resume?
Would you be willing to RSVP to in-person services to help us with our safety protocols?

Section 4: A little about you

How long have you been attending?
What is your age group?
Do you consider yourself or someone in your household to be at high risk for getting covid?
Are you vaccinated?
Is there anything we left out that you want to tell us?

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! What you think matters and we will weigh this information carefully and let you all know what you are thinking and feeling as a congregation soon.