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We know that Virginia educators have powerful ideas and innovations to share. Our concurrent session presentations are a key feature of our conference. They not only provide learning opportunities for participants, but help to forge relationships and collaboration across school divisions and sectors. We appreciate your proposal!

A few notes before you begin.

You may submit your proposal for the in-person conference, the virtual conference, or both.

  • The in-person conference will begin on Tuesday morning Dec. 7 at the Williamsburg Lodge, and will conclude early afternoon on Dec. 8. If your proposal is selected for the in-person conference, you must register and may do so at a 10% discount.
  • The virtual conference will begin at noon on Wed., Dec. 8 and conclude on Thursday afternoon. If your proposal is selected for the virtual conference, you must register and may do so at a 10% discount. Virtual sessions will be live and hosted on Zoom.
  • Should your proposal be submitted and selected for both conferences (we expect very few of these), you need register only for the in-person conference at a 10% discount.

Concurrent session presentations will be between 60- 75 minutes long (schedules are not yet finalized). A bullet session consists of one slide accompanied by no more than 3 minutes of recorded audio. These will be available to both in-person and virtual attendees.

Our themes for 2021 are Strong Community, Visible Equity, and Deep Learning. Priority will be given to proposals that relate directly to one of these themes.

* Your first and last names.
* Your email address.
* Phone # where you can be reached during the summer.
* Your school division, higher education institution, or other organization.
Your school, if you work in a school.
* My proposal is for: (check all that apply)
Will others be presenting with you? If so, please provide their names, job titles, and email addresses in the space below.
* Presentation Title (up to 12 words). Please note that, if accepted, titles exceeding the 12-word limit will be edited for length.
* Which of our conference themes does your presentation most directly address?
* Session description (up to 80 words; descriptions exceeding this limit will be edited for length if accepted)
Is there other information about your session you would like us to know?

Presenter notes

Before submitting your proposal, please understand that:

- We are delighted that you are willing to share your expertise, and we appreciate your proposal!

- Presenters are expected to register with proper (discounted) payment for the conference prior to October 1.

- Presenters in Williamsburg are expected to provide their own technology and other materials.

´╗┐- Handouts are provided to attendees electronically via our mobile app.