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We have identified several communication topics that could be helpful to novice, intermediate, and advanced Social Bridge players. 

Please rate your interest in each topic that you would like to see included in the future. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Social Bridge Instruction

1. It is important for me to know the difference between Social and Duplicate Bridge.
2. How do I learn/improve my game (strategy/conventions)?

Social Bridge Opportunities

3. Where can I find Bridge games in my neighborhood community?
Where can I find a Bridge partner?
Where can I find a Bridge teacher?
Do you use the "Social Bridge Online -- Bridge With Friends" website to play bridge?
What is your playing ability?
What other broad topics would you like to see included?

Online Bridge Games

Do you play online Bridge?
If so, where do you play most often?
If you play on Trickster, do you enjoy it?
What don't you like about the websites where you currently play Bridge?


We are intending to create educational newsletters for the Social Bridge player on a regular basis. There are several possible regular articles that we are considering. Please rate each broad topic that you would like to see below.

Feature Stories
Bridge Tips
Fun Facts


Would you be interested in a Social Bridge community on Facebook?
Would you be interested in learning more about Social Bridge conventions and playing strategies on Facebook?
Would you be interested in Social Bridge-related, live-streaming events on Facebook?

Thank you for participating in this survey which will help us determine what items regarding Social Bridge are important to you. We'll share the results once we have them.

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